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Christ Episcopal School
A co-ed independent Episcopal School serving students in preschool - grade 8 in historic Rockville, MD

Auction & Gala



This event brings together families, friends, faculty, staff, clergy, alumni and distinguished guests from the Christ Episcopal School and Christ Church communities for a night of fun and festivity. Proceeds from the Auction support the operating expenses of the school, including tuition assistance and also helps build the reserve fund going forward. More than $20,000 for special projects can be raised during the "Raise the Paddle" portion of the evening that is earmarked for the project chosen that year. Your generosity will make a huge difference in the financial success of Christ Episcopal School.


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The Allsopp Family
The Budd Family
The Cole Family
The Dinh Family
The Habte-House Family
The Hazelwood Family
The Hernandez Family
The Husunukpe Family
The Jackson Family
The Johnson Family
Amanda Jones
Michelle Kang and Hans Ackerman
The Lopez Family
The Loza Family
The Obando Family
The Panzer Family
Dennie and Yvette Rose
The Scott Family
The Sonner Family
The Stasiowski Family
The Steinkamp-Johnson Family
The Stemanns
Justin and Nicole Stone
Oscar Trejo
The Yan Family
Ethan and Ian Huang & Nolan Yang
Anonymous Donor


The Allsopp Family
The Anselmo Family
The Bonaviri Family
Wells (CES ‘20) and the Bridgeford-Twining Family
Kami, Richie, Kieran & Kalias Boyle
The Buck Family
Nancy B. Coit
Jovan and Michelle Dennis
The Escaravage Family
The Jackson Family
The Lee Family
The Liben Family
The Loza Family
The Munro Family
Jane and John Pearce
The Reemes Family
The Rose Family
The Scales Family
The Sign Shop
The Smith/Regier Family
The Violante Family
George and Donna Wolohojian
Anonymous Donor


The Allsopp Family
The Anselmo Family
The Ayele Family
The Ball Family
The Boyle Family
The Brez Family
The Chen Family
The Cope Family
The Cummings Family
The Dawui Family
Marion Entwisle
Janet Gerber
The Goodman Family
Asmare Habte
The Hazelwood Family
The Henry Family
The Hernandez Family
Angela Jackson
Charlotte Jones
The Lopez Family
The Mamalian Family
The Moon Family
The Panzer Family
The Pearce Family
The Reemes Family
The Samson Family
Rebecca Sawyer
The Violante Family
The Vredenburg Family
The Whitman Family



What is the Annual CES Auction & Gala?

The Auction & Gala is our school's largest annual fundraising event. The money raised at the Auction helps offset the costs of educating each child at CES, allows us to continue to offer needs-based tuition assistance, and grows our reserve fund.

Does the school raise a lot of money through the Auction & Gala?

Yes, thanks to the generosity of our local businesses, our CES current & alumni families, and friends from Christ Episcopal Church. The school typically raises about $65,000 from the Auction, and more than $20,000 for special projects - like classroom remodels and renovations - during the "Raise the Paddle" portion of the event. In years past, money raised at the Gala has helped us acquire two school buses, technology upgrades, a full remodel of the Murdock Room, and many curriculum enhancements.

Is the Gala fun?

The gala is a super fun night!  Whether you are a new CES parent, a long-time member of the CES family, or a member of the church, it is hands-down a great night with old and new friends... and for a good cause!

What does everyone do at the Auction & Gala?

Traditionally, we gather in person for delicious food and beverages at the adult-only event. We bid on amazing silent auction items and artwork made by our students, have fun with assorted games, and win prizes. We laugh throughout the Live Auction as we playfully battle it out with other parents and guests, all with the help of a real auctioneer! This year will be our first ever virtual Gala, and we look forward to doing all of these things, and trying some new interactive activities for adults and children alike! We will also have opportunities for your students to join in the celebration by participating in "Spirit Week" prior to May 8th.

Do you need any help with the Auction & Gala?

The answer to that is a resounding YES! We need volunteers to help with all aspects of the planning including item acquisition, sponsorship, advertising, graphics, packaging items together, and adding creative flair!  If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact our Director of Development, Marion Entwisle, at mentwisle@cesrockville.org. We look forward to working with you!

What does it cost for a person to attend, and how do we sign up?

We normally charge for tickets for the event, but since our event is virtual this year, we are able to invite everyone to attend for FREE! While you do not need to purchase a ticket this year, you DO need to register in advance for the event. Whether near or far, we encourage you to invite extended family to join us virtually as well.

Though the event is free to attend, you will definitely want to check out various opportunities to enhance your experience. Be a Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, or Cardinal Sponsor! How about a "Party in a Box" or a "Cue the Confetti" Cupcake Sponsor? Sounds intriguing, yes?  These sponsorships come with GREAT opportunities and fun treats while also supporting the school!

Where does the Auction & Gala take place?

Each year, the Auction Committee plans a great event, and every year the venue is different. This year, due to the pandemic, it will be a fun and fabulous VIRTUAL event!  

Does the Auction & Gala have a theme?

Every year, the Gala has a new theme. This year's theme is "Cue the Confetti" -- it's a celebration! Our school, like many others, was challenged financially due to the pandemic. We are so grateful for the efforts of our school and church communities to raise the extra needed funds to secure our school's future. Now it's time to celebrate! Cue the confetti and let's have a party!

Do the students get to come to the Auction & Gala?

Traditionally, this is an adult-only event (even parents need a night out sometimes!). This year, with the virtual event, but we will be offering suggestions for how your child can keep busy while you are partying it up at the Gala and providing a fun surprise for students whose parents are registered for the Auction & Gala. We will also be including the students in fun, pre-Gala festivities in the week leading up to the event.

What do I wear to this event?

When we gather in person, everyone has fun dressing up in their finest party/cocktail attire, or in a way that reflects the theme. Since we will be gathering from the comfort of our own homes, feel free to dress in whichever way feels most festive and comfortable for you to be at a Zoom event. We encourage you to have fun with the theme.

How will we know what the auction items are?

The auction catalog will be made available online the week the week before the event for early bidding. In the catalog, you will find all of the silent and live auction items, the schedule of events for the evening, and great advertisements and messages from our sponsors and parents.  We will also be sending home flyers that will highlight different auction items.  

What types of items are typically auctioned off?

There is something for everyone! There are gift certificates to restaurants all over Maryland and DC, spa services for people who like to be pampered, wine and other spirits, tickets to sporting events and other family outings, and amazing trips. You can even buy your child's teacher a day off, win being in the front row at all school performances post-pandemic, and maybe even have your child be Head of School for a day! 

Teacher Treats: These are fun experiences generously donated by CES teachers where the teachers and students can do something together, such as outings to the theater, a spa day, movie and ice cream, a bird watching excursion -- of all the auction items, these are a perennial favorite!

Student Art: Some of the items that sell for the highest prices are the artwork pieces created by each CES class. The works really are priceless!

How does the school get items to auction off at the Gala?

We have a great Acquisitions Committee that contacts businesses and potential donors. But they could use some help! The success of the auction depends, in part, on the items we can acquire. Imagine the amazing auction we will enjoy if every CES family acquires just ONE donated item! Parents who are willing to help should see the Donation form for more details on the acquisition process.

Silent Auction vs. Live Auction?

At the Gala, there is a Silent Auction and a Live Auction. The Silent Auction will open on May 1st and continue until right before the Live Auction. These items will be in the catalog and available for viewing online. You will be able to bid on items from your phone or other device.

The Live Auction portion of the evening has a live auctioneer and fast-paced bidding. This is a very fun part of the evening, and bidding wars can be epic! And be sure to stay tuned for the "Best of Live" raffle! Tickets will be limited and sold in advance with the lucky winner choosing their favorite item in the Live Auction.

Do I have to buy something at the Auction?

No, you are not required to buy anything at the event. However, all proceeds that are raised at the Auction benefit CES and the students. The auction team makes sure there are items up for auction at all different price points. Please contribute as your heart leads you. At the very least, be sure to come out for a fun night with the CES and CEC family.  And trust us when we say, at a minimum, you are going to want to check out the PARTY IN A BOX and other sponsorship opportunities being offered to make your night extra festive!

What is the "Party in a Box?"

This year, in lieu of tickets, we hope that parents and attendees will consider being a "Party in a Box" sponsor.  Your contribution supports the school, and you get to enjoy a fun and festive box of treats to make the virtual Auction & Gala experience all the more fun. The "Party in a Box" includes 2 bottles of wine, 2 CES wine glasses, a CES cheese board, 2 red cloth napkins, a selection of gourmet sweet and savory snacks, a block of cheese, and two custom CES "Cue the Confetti" cupcakes from the famous and popular Georgetown Cupcake!  All "Boxes" need to be picked up at CES on May 7, 2021.  

What is a CES "Cue the Confetti" Cupcake Sponsor?

Be a cupcake sponsor! Your contribution supports the school, and you get to enjoy a half dozen custom CES "Cue the Confetti" cupcakes from the famous and popular Georgetown Cupcake. Cupcakes are available as a gluten-free or traditional recipe. Cupcakes need to be picked up at CES on May 7, 2021.   

Do the CES teachers and staff come to the Auction & Gala?

Yes! It would not be an Auction & Gala without the teachers and staff. Get ready to bid on treats for your child to enjoy with their teacher, and get ready for the bidding wars with teachers and staff--they tend to raise their paddles often!  

Want to "Toast Your Teacher?"   

"Toast Your Teacher" is an opportunity to donate a bottle of wine, whiskey or champagne in celebration of one of your student's favorite CES teachers or staff members.  All donations will be auctioned off at our virtual Auction & Gala. A flyer with all the details about this opportunity will be sent home to families in advance of the Gala, but you can also get one HERE(This activity replaces the annual in-person Wine & Whiskey Party.)

What is "Raise the Paddle?" 

"Raise the Paddle" is when, during the Live Auction, the auctioneer asks everyone to raise their auction paddle to donate at various monetary levels for a specific need the school has identified. In recent years, our "Raise the Paddle" efforts have gone to remodeling classrooms, renovating the Murdock Room, and upgrading classroom technology. With everyone's generous contributions, "Raise the Paddle" typically raises about $20,000. Please include the "Raise the Paddle" opportunity in your budget for the Gala evening.

If I win something, when and where can I pick it up?

With our checkout system, you will be able to find out which items you won and pay for your items online. You can pick up your winnings at school during the week following the Auction & Gala during regular school business hours (8:00am-4:00pm).  

Strength in numbers?

Consider teaming together as a group or as an entire class for larger auction items or experiences! Consider buying your teacher a day off, trip packages or teacher treat outings. The possibilities are endless, especially when parents pool resources and work together!

How do I keep up to date on "all things Gala"?

The school will keep you updated on "all things Gala" in The Cardinal that comes out every Wednesday and in our Cue the Confetti Chronicle Auction & Gala newsletter that will be sent home every other week. In addition, we will send home flyers with reminders about the festivities and opportunities for you to be more involved.